Mutiara Laut Yacht at Raja Ampat

Mutiara Laut Yacht, luxurious and relaxed journey through Indonesia's vast archipelago.

Brand Discovery.

Mutiara Laut, translating to 'Pearl of the Sea' in Indonesian, seamlessly merges the classic design of an 18th-century North Atlantic goélette with unique Indonesian touches. Its majestic twin masts stand tall, a breathtaking sight, enhancing the unforgettable experience. With 7 well-appointed cabins adorned in warm teak wood, Mutiara Laut invites guests to indulge in both interior opulence and expansive outdoor spaces, allowing them to immerse themselves in the exotic beauty of Indonesia. This pure-blooded sailing vessel boasts true navigational prowess, capable of gracefully gliding at 8 knots when its 7 sails catch the wind, ensuring safe and comfortable exploration of the most remote islands at a gentle, tranquil pace.

Mutiara Laut
Restaurants & Hotels
Raja Ampat, Southwest Papua Province, Indonesia

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