Cap Karoso

Cap Karoso on Sumba island is a refreshing blend of French-inspired culinary mastery, vibrant art scenes, captivating music experiences, and innovative architectural designs. It sets a new standard for beachfront hospitality in Indonesia, promising a unique and unforgettable getaway experience.

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Cap Karoso, nestled on the untamed shores of Sumba island, is a beacon of French-inspired culinary mastery, artistic immersion, and architectural innovation, reshaping the landscape of Indonesian beachfront hospitality. Its contemporary design is offering spacious, modern villas adorned with nature-inspired elements and private pools, ideal for family retreats or romantic getaways. Guests indulge in a plethora of aquatic adventures at their doorstep, from surfing to snorkeling, while rejuvenating body and mind at the traditional spa and yoga pavilion. Surrounded by pristine beaches and traditional villages, Cap Karoso embraces the local culture, offering immersive experiences in ikat weaving, traditional fishing, and horseback riding, all while fostering community development through organic farming initiatives and culinary residencies with international chefs.

Cap Karoso
Restaurants & Hotels
Sumba Island, Indonesia

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